Short And Long-Term Storage Of Your Taylormade Golf Clubs

Admit it, your Taylormade golf clubs did not come off cheap but you bought them anyway. No need to worry, nobody is judging you because it is perfectly acceptable to spend money as long as what you are paying for is quality. But a wise spender knows not only to purchase the best in the market but also how to keep the purchase at its best. Yes this article will talk about how you can store your golf clubs in a way that every time you take them out for a swing in the greens, they will still look as good and new as the first day you brought them home.

Now, there are two scenarios that require golf club storage: first is storing them only for a few days until your next game, and second is keeping them safe and sound for longer periods of time. This How-To will teach you both, starting off with golf club day-to-day storage.

Taylormade Golf Clubs

Short-term Storage of Your Taylormade Golf Clubs

As mentioned, short-term storage means the need to keep your golf clubs for a couple of days. Tip number 1? Never store them at the trunk of your car. Making your car’s trunk your short-term go-to storage place is putting your golf clubs at risk of scratches, nicks and dents. In addition to that, your car trunk’s temperature can go up to 200 degrees on a beautiful summer day. Take note that heat can affect your Taylormade golf clubs in many unpleasant ways such as breaking down the glue under the grip.

If you plan to store your golf clubs in the garage, well, that would be a much better idea than the car trunk. Just make sure that everything is dry, from your clubs to the bag itself. Also, check first if moisture buildup occurs in your garage. It will be quite nonsense to store your clubs dry but leave them susceptible to humidity since that leads to rust.

So to summarize, car trunk is a big “no”, garage is a “yeah, okay”. But if you want a definitive “yes”, then all you have to do is not be too lazy to lug them back into your house each time.

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Long-term Storage of Your Taylormade Golf Clubs

Long-term is talking about several months or so. Whether it’s an off season for a golf game or you want to try your hand at other sports, knowing how to store your golf clubs the right way is a must; after all, there is still a chance you would take them out for a swing again, right?

For long-term storage, the same basic rules still apply. Keep them at a place where humidity and temperature is controlled so the best location is still your house.

Temperature-controlled not only means keeping your golf clubs away from extreme heat but also from extreme cold (especially when it is winter). While heat can break down glue, cold can dry out the grips which hardens it enough to be cracked without difficulty.

Remember to clean your Taylormade golf clubs and making sure they are dry before you store them for safekeeping. If possible, place a rain cover over it and store it somewhere inside your house, in a space where it would not get knocked around and where you can easily check it from time to time.

Keep in mind that even though it might be a long time before you visit the green landscapes of a golf course, you still spent your very own hard-earned money to buy those golf clubs. Surely, that thought is enough for you to store them the right way.


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